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Department of training of scientific personnel and methodical information support

Head of the department
Zatsarinna Yuliya Oleksandrivna
сandidate of иiological іciences
phone(044) 522-67-55
e-mail: aspirantura_iap@ukr.net
Deputy Head of Department
Horodyska Inna Mykolayivna
сandidate of agricultural sciences,
senior researcher
phone.(044) 522-67-55
e-mail: aspirantura_iap@ukr.net
Head of the educational and methodical sector
and information support
Tymoshenko Lyudmila Mikhailovna
сandidate of agricultural sciences
тел.(044) 522-67-55
e-mail: aspirantura_iap@ukr.net

The Institute of Agroecology and Nature Management of NAAS trains highly qualified scientific personnel through postgraduate studies, which were opened in 1994 and doctoral studies, which have been working since 1995 in the following specialties:
– 03.00.16 – ecology (biological, agricultural sciences);
– 08.00.06 – economics of nature management and environmental protection (economic sciences).

In 2016, for the implementation of educational activities at the third (educational and scientific) level of higher education received a license, which gives the right to train doctors of philosophy and doctors of science in the following specialties:
– 051 – Economics (05 – Social and behavioral sciences);
– 101 – Ecology (10 – Natural sciences);

– 201 – Agronomy (20 – Agricultural sciences and food).
Currently, the Institute of Agroecology and Nature Management of NAAS studies:
6 doctoral students and 44 postgraduate students (20 of them – full-time (full-time); 20 – full-time (evening); and 4 – part-time); 4 candidates for the degree of Candidate of Sciences and 10 candidates for the degree of Doctor of Sciences were attached.

Phone (044) 522-67-55
Email: aspirantura_iap@ukr.net