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Laboratory of Ecology of Microorganisms

Head of the laboratory
Humeniuk Iryna Ihorivna
candidate of biological science
тел.(044) 526-21-21 e-mail:


Carrying out molecular genetic research of plant, animal and biotechnological products, soil. Determining the species composition of the microbiota, assessing biodiversity and identifying interspecific and species relationships in ecosystems at the phylogenetic level Determining the molecular genetic structure of crops and raw materials of plant origin; Educational and methodological support of agricultural production Consulting services on ecology and biosafety in agro-industrial production. Holding exhibitions, conferences, round tables, seminars, webinars, training, lectures, internships. Agroecological monitoring Scientific and methodological support of the system of observation and control of the state and level of pollution of agroecosystems (and adjacent environments) in the process of intensive agricultural activity, calling for environmental safety and economic efficiency of the economy. Includes monitoring of phyto-, zoo-, microbiota. Microbial intensity / CO2 / O2 absorption Organic matter content Number and content of total organisms Mineralization coefficients – immobilization:

  • mineralization coefficient;
  • coefficient of pedotrophic;
  • oligotrophic coefficient;

Coefficient of humus accumulation Coefficient of microbial reserve Coefficient of microbiological activity Coefficient of fluctuation Denitrification ability Activity of nitrogen cycle enzymes:

  • nitrogenase;
  • protease;
  • urease;
  • denitrification;
  • asparogenase.

The activity of enzymes in the carbon cycle:

  • cellulase;
  • ascorbate oxidase;
  • cellulolytic;
  • cellulose-destructive.

Activity of phosphorus cycle enzymesу:

  • фосфатазна

Dehydrogenase activity Nitroreductase activity Peroxidase activity Polyphenol oxidase activity Invertase activity Antifungal activity Toxicity to azotobacter Phytotoxicity Intensity of carbon assimilation by heterotrophic soil microflora State tests of pesticides and pesticides. Biological assessment of plant protection products, agrochemicals, plant growth regulators, biological products on crops and forest plantations. Ecological assessment of the danger of the impact of plant protection products and agrochemicals on non-target objects of aquatic (fish, daphnia), soil (microorganisms, earthworms) and terrestrial ecosystems Ecological assessment of agrotechnologies. Carrying out of ecological examination of technologies of cultivation of agricultural crops for the purpose of maintenance of ecologically safe production and quality of agricultural products, and also prevention of negative influence on a condition of environment and human health.

  • Weight of 1000 seeds
  • Germination energy
  • Similarity
  • Viability
  • Mass fraction of protein in terms of dry matter
  • Mass fraction of oil in the seeds
  • Mass fraction of erucic acid
  • Mass fraction of glucosinolates
  • Mass fraction of crude gluten
  • The content of the husk
  • Sugar content
  • Mass fraction of soluble dry matter
  • The amount of sugars
  • β-carotene
  • Vitamin C
  • The acidity is titrated