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Department of Agrobioresources and Environmentally Safe Technologies

Head of the department
Parfenyuk Alla Ivanivna
Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor
tel. (044) 522-34-43


  • Ecotoxicological monitoring and determination of the degree of contamination of agricultural lands and agricultural products with pesticide residues.
  • Ecotoxicological assessment of the use of chemical plant protection products in crop production technologies.
  • Determination of the active substance of technical pesticide preparations.
  • Ecological examination of private plots for their contamination with pesticide residues and persistent organic pollutants.
  • Development of scientific approaches to the integrated use of land and biological resources of agricultural landscapes, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process of
  • agricultural production and, thus, helping to stop the development of negative climate change.
  • Development of scientific approaches to the adaptation of integrated use of land and biological resources in the face of the inevitable consequences of global climate change.
  • Development of measures to reduce losses of nitrogen compounds in the production of livestock products.
  • Development of effective strategies for: minimizing pollution of water resources and atmosphere; optimizing the use of N in crop production; taking into account the impact of measures to limit NH3 emissions on other losses of N.
  • Conducting exercises, lectures, seminars, round tables.

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