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Laboratory of Hydroecology

Head of the laboratory
Egorova Tetyana Mykhailivna
Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences,
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences,
Associate Professor of Ecology,
member of the specialized scientific council D 26.371.01.
Author of 120 scientific publications, including monographs, textbooks
and textbooks, patents and copyright certificates.
Research on hydrogeochemistry and landscape ecology,
agroecological and biogeochemical zoning of the territory of Ukraine,
ecological geochemistry of agrolandscapes, medical and ecological features of influence
trace elements for crop products and public health.
phone. (044) 522 60 63

The laboratory was established in 2016 to disseminate hydroecological and biogeochemical studies of the agrosphere of Ukraine.

The concept of the laboratory is scientific and methodological studies of the hydrosphere on the principles of natural and anthropogenic differentiation and coherence of agricultural landscapes; yield and quality of agricultural raw materials, along with agrotechnologies, determine the processes of water and biogenic migration of substances in the system “soils – crops” and natural and anthropogenic features of biogeochemical chains in the system “rocks – water – soils – agrocenoses – zoocenoses.


  • Scientific and methodological support of hydroecological measures for landscape protection and sustainable nature management.
  • Ecological certification of reservoirs and wetlands.
  • Hydroecological assessment of physicochemical and biological status of water bodies.
  • Agroecological mapping of agricultural lands.
  • Assessment of the impact of biogeochemical processes on the quality of crop products.
  • Medico-biogeochemical analysis of territories and development of measures to improve public health.