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Laboratory of Aerospace Sensing Agrosphere

Head of the laboratory
Ilyenko Tetyana Volodymyrivna

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Author of 79 scientific papers, including 3 collective monographs,
11 methodical recommendations, 1st manual.
Research interests: aerospace sounding of the Earth,
agroecology, agronomy, agrochemistry, soil science,
forest ecology, general ecology



  1. Ecological assessment of the structure of agricultural landscapes
  2. Determining the structure, area and condition of land and agriculture lands
  3. Operational control and assessment of the state of agricultural crops crops, including moisture supply
  4. Identification of critical phenomena in agricultural landscapes
  5. Control of crop rotation
  6. Estimation of soil erosion degradation
  7. Monitoring of erosion-hazardous lands, determination of humus content
  8. Identification of areas of flooding and waterlogging
  9. Providing consulting services
  10. Organization and holding of exercises, seminars, round tables, etc.