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Department of radioecology in the agro-sphere

Head of the department
Raychuk Lyudmila Anatoliyivna

candidate of fgricultural sciences,

senior researcher

Author of 63 scientific papers, including 4 collective monographs,
7 methodical recommendations. Research interests:
agroecology, radioecology and radiobiology, dosimetry,
agronomy, forest radioecology, general ecology




  1. Conducting radioecological monitoring of environmental objects.
  2. Development of scientific-methodical and organizational bases of use and protection of agrarian, forest, wetland ecosystems of radioactively contaminated territories and their compliance with international requirements.
  3. Carrying out of works on radiation inspection of forests, agricultural lands, etc.
  4. Advisory assistance on agricultural production in the event of radioactive contamination.
  5. Conducting dosimetric studies of the population of radioactively contaminated regions.
  6. Determination of vegetation condition and moisture conditions according to satellite data for management structures of different administrative levels.
  7. Assessment of the sanitary condition of forest ecosystems using remote sensing of the earth.