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Laboratory of Animal Ecology

Head of Department
Pinchuk Valeriy Oleksandrovych

Ph.D., Ph.D.

The direction of the laboratory – study of the environmental impact of livestock production on the environment.

Laboratory staff:

Pinchuk Valeriy Oleksandrovych – head of the laboratory, Ph.D., Ph.D. Tel. (044) 526-33-69, e-mail: pinchuk_vo@ukr.net.

Krivokhyzha Yevhen Mykhailovych – senior researcher, Ph.D., senior researcher

Mineralov Oleg Ivanovich – researcher.


Lab Services:

  • Assessment of the ecological condition of soil, water and air under the influence of livestock farms.
  • Consultations on choosing the optimal technology for the disposal of animal by-products.
  • Development of technologies for the production of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers.
  • Scientific support of selection and application of environmentally friendly detergents and disinfectants for sanitation of milking equipment.
  • Drawing up a nitrogen budget for crop and livestock enterprises for the rational use of nutrients and minimizing their losses from ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions:

Науково-дослідні роботи лабораторії за 2015‒2020 рр.:

  • 00.01.03.F. To develop scientific bases of ecological assessment of the state of agrobioresources in the conditions of climate change (№ DR 0116U000703).
  • 00.01.01.Ф. Develop a scientific basis for minimizing the emission of nitrous oxide and ammonia from agricultural sources in accordance with the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (GDR 0116U000702).


Key publications of the laboratory staff for 2017-2020:

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Main scientific developments of the laboratory for 2010-2020