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Department of Economics of Nature Management in the Agro-Sphere

Joe Head of the department

Olexander I. Kovaliv
Doctor of Economics,
Professional Expert-Consultant
Tel.: (050) 935-05-71,
e-mail: okovaliv@ukr.net,
site: www.kovaliv.kiev.ua

• Complex independent assessment of cause-and-effect
aspects of implemented land reformations in Ukraine and
in particular regions and local councils on the ground of
practical experience.
• Developing the concept, programs and effective measures
for implementing land reform in Ukraine and in the light
of administrative and territorial order as a new paradigm
based on institutionalization of constitutional norm of
proprietary right of Ukrainian people on land
and its natural resources as the main national
• Argumentation of economic mechanisms
for getting well-balanced rent-coordinated incomes, including in profit
of society.
• Organizing and conducting seminars,
training, public discussions, pressconferences and other public actions
regarding implementation land reform
in Ukraine as a new paradigm.

• Ecological examination of investment projects in the agricultural domain.
• Development of the environmental
policies and management plans for
agricultural enterprises.
• Economic evaluation of environmental effect in investment projects of
the agriculture production.
• Economic evaluation of agro production influence on the state of
• Development and information support of the environmental projects in agriculture production.
• Justification and assessment of environmental
measures at the enterprises of agricultural
• Educative and outreach activities in the sphere of environmental management
• Organizing and conducting agroecological seminars, trainings and public